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Import Capital Review ( Scam)

If you’re considering trading with, we recommend reading our review first. Our thorough evaluation of this broker highlights several reasons why we do not recommend it. This is an in-depth review to help you make an informed decision.

Who are they? is an unregulated forex broker with no governing agency overseeing their operations. This raises a major red flag for investors who may risk losing their hard-earned money. Moreover, the broker collaborates with websites offering automated trading software, which is notoriously linked to scamming schemes. Without regulatory protection, customers are vulnerable to potential financial losses, and may not be held accountable for any wrongdoing.

How does it work?

If you’re considering trading with an unregulated forex broker, it’s important to understand how they operate. These brokers often use high-pressure tactics to persuade potential investors to make an initial minimum deposit. They may offer enticing deals such as doubling the initial deposit or guaranteeing easy profits. However, these claims are usually too good to be true and should be viewed with suspicion. After the initial deposit, investors may be transferred to a “retention agent,” who uses more sophisticated tactics to extract additional funds. This is a common scam that investors should be aware of to protect their hard-earned money.

Withdrawing Funds

If you’ve deposited money with an unregulated forex broker and they refuse to return it, don’t panic – there are steps you can take to recover your funds. First, keep all emails as proof of your attempts to get your money back. If the broker continues to delay or refuse your request, the first thing you should do is perform a chargeback. Contact your bank or credit card provider and explain the situation. Chargebacks are the simplest and most effective way to get your money back, and they can also hurt the broker by damaging their relationship with payment providers. If you’re not sure how to initiate a chargeback, contact us at for assistance. However, be sure not to let your broker know that you’ve read this article or that you’re in contact with us

What about wires?

If you have deposited money with an unregulated forex broker and they refuse to give it back, there are steps you can take to recover your funds. However, if you sent them a wire, performing a chargeback is not an option. In such cases, you can escalate the matter by threatening to file a complaint with the authorities. Additionally, you can prepare a letter or email for the regulating agencies in your country and show it to the broker as evidence of your intent to report them.

If you are unsure of how to go about these steps, you can seek help from experts. Contact us at for assistance in preparing your letter or email and to get advice on the best way to handle the situation. Remember not to let your broker know that you are in contact with us or have read this article.

Don’t Forget to Leave Reviews about on Other Sites

One way to help others and expose unregulated forex brokers is to leave bad reviews on other sites and describe what happened. If you have fallen victim to a scam, please consider leaving a review and a comment on the relevant website. Additionally, if the scammer changes their website and contacts you again, make note of it in the comments or let someone know. This information can be incredibly helpful in warning others and preventing them from falling victim to the same scam. If you receive phone calls from other suspicious companies, please also share their name in the comments or contact someone who can help expose them. Together, we can work to protect families all over the world from these scams.

Conclusion on Review

Look no further! Our team has thoroughly researched this Forex company and we’re pleased to share our findings with you. We understand how important it is to protect your hard-earned money, which is why we recommend carefully reviewing any company before conducting any transactions. Our review aims to save as many people as possible from potential financial losses. If you have any questions or need advice on the withdrawing process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at



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